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[IP] thank you all so much

to everyone who wrote me and responded to my post (entitled "sooooo mad" about a fight i had with
my sister about my diabetes) i just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. it's so
helpful to know that other people out there go through the same things as i do and it's even more
helpful to gain some perspective. while my sister and i didn't exactly talk it all out and make
everything better, things are pretty much back to their normal friendly state. i think she's sorry
that we fought too, she invited me to go rock climbing with her this weekend so maybe we will get
a chance to talk then. 

as for everyone's questions about the two of us, she's 24 years old (3 years older than me) and we
are the older two of four kids. we usually get along well and rarely fight, which is one reason
why this fight bothered me so much. we don't talk much though, i am closest to my younger brother
and usually talk with him or my parents. now that i look back on it i think part of her resentment
stems from seeing some of our relatives die from complications of type 2 after not taking care of
themselves, and also from just being the older sibling of the sick kid. i will certainly try to
take her feelings into consideration more from now on, and to remember that she does love and care
about me, and also to keep my own juice and glucose tabs around for when i need them.

i'm thankful to all of you who wrote eo encourage me, you guys are the best! and also am thankful
for the IP list. y'all rock!

love and smooches
becky =) 

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