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[IP] Tape Problems

Hi all

I have search the achives looking for some suggestions on how to deal with a skin allergy to tape.

Here's what I have tried.....
No skin prep
with benezion
IV Prep
Skin bond
skin prep

the tapes have been 
what comes in softset infusion sets. 

The two new suggestions are to try tegaderm HP (for hypoallergenic) and to use a product named New Skin. I have to order the tegaderm HP and it will be a few days before I can try. But I got the New Skin spray and liquid at Target today. It's a antiseptic that is meant to spray on large areas like a scraped knee to keep it clean and it's waterproof. It does get sticky after a few minutes and might help hold on the tape as well.

It has clover oil in it but that doesn't seem to stop the tape from sticking. Bandaid also makes a liquid bandaid that same thing. I changed my site tonight using this.

Can anyone suggest anything I haven't tried. I am having to use a Rx cortisone cream on old sites to clear up the reaction and running out of room. It's taking a week to make the reaction go away. 

I am all ears to any suggestions....the itching is driving me nuts.
Gail Donohue 
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