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Re: [IP] Re: dr bernsteins diet

James Handsfield wrote:
>It's also known that a high protein diet is hard on kidneys, and since
>diabetes is also hard on kidneys, it's another consideration

Once again, I ask, are there any known cases of people who have lost kidney 
function due to high protein consumption?  Or does anyone know a diabetic 
who had normal kidney function, went on a low carb diet, and then developed 
kidney disease?  If there are no such cases, I'd rather put my anxiety into 
avoiding the KNOWN danger of high blood sugars.  And the ONLY way that I 
have ever been able to maintain any kind of control is by low carbing.  (And 
believe me, I banged my head against the low fat diet for a good 7 1/2 years 
before I discovered low carbing.)


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