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[IP] Funny Pump Story

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You mentioned in your posting to IP that you wondered if anyone had anymore 
funny stories about pumps--well I usually hang out on the POP list, but 
browse this one sometimes, too.  My daughter just got her pump last May and 
wore it to school (7th grade-you know those middle-schoolers).  She came 
bursting in the door one afternoon and said, "Mom, I've got the most 
fantastic dumb blonde joke  you've ever heard (sorry, no offense to 
blondes-only quoting her cliche). My daughter was walking down the hall at 
school with several of her friends, who were well-informed about her pump, 
which was attached to the waistband of her jeans.  A "blonde" schoolmate 
said, "Hey, how come you're allowed to wear an M3P player at school?" My 
daughter replied that she was just careful not to get caught.   Then the girl 
asked how she could hear the music, since she didn't have any headphones 
showing. All of the other kids were looking around to see what my daughter's 
reply would be since they knew it was a pump.  "Oh, you see this little tube 
that goes into my side? Well, I download the music and it goes though the 
tube into my side and then I can hear it without headphones."
The "blonde" got a strange look on her face and then exclaimed, "Wow, I wish 
I had one of those!"  My daughter and her friends never told her any 
different and still giggle about it. I felt a little bad about them leading 
the other kid on, but I had to stick that story in my mental archives to 
recall years down the road.
Sherry, mom to Liz, age 13, dx 3/01, ppMM508, 5/02 
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