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RE: [IP] sooooo mad

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Dear Becky.
I've read your post and am so sorry that your sister can't seem to
understand what you are going through with your diabetes...but like you
said...unless you are living with it, you'll never know.

I have three brothers.  Two older, one younger and my second oldest brother
got diabetes before me.  He and I are the closest of all and I truly believe
it's because we both have this horrible disease.

There would be times when he would be crying saying no one understood him
but I did and we'd just hug each other.

yet my oldest brother and youngest brother have both developed Type II
despite my trying to tell them to exercise and watch their weight.  I asked
them what was wrong with them since they saw all that my other brother and I
had to go through all our lives...

And still, they do not experience the true feelings of a diabetic being type
II and just watching their diet, exercising and popping a pill in their
mouths without suffering the lows or highs or keytones.....

I don't know how old your sister is but I would say that she was actually
jealous of all the extra attention you might have received over the years
because of your disease.

no one wants to receive extra attention because they are "sick" but parents
tend to treat us much differently than the other kids....

I would try to have a very sincere talk with your sister when both of you
are in a good mood and can talk one on one.  You will see as you both get
older, you will become best of friends...(this usually happens when one
moves out of the house)..then you don't see each other as often and don't
fight as much.

Good luck and don't get so down on yourself and yes, sometimes you do have
to vent out your frustrations whether it's in anger to your sister or

Hang in there girl....others have heavier crosses to bear than us whether we
want to hear that or not.

Kathy B.
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