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[IP] Re: dr bernsteins diet

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> Atkins has funded some studies that are now underway.  One of the main
> criticisms is that they have made their claims for *years* but have never
> taken the time to support them with well planned research protocols.

My question is:  supposing Atkins' studies show that his diet is a
success.  How much credibility would they have?  His critics would just
roll their eyes and say, "Well, of COURSE a study funded by Atkins would
come out in favor of his diet!  He has books to sell!"  IMO, studies
should ideally be conducted and paid for by people with no vested
interest in the outcome.

As for low-carb/Bernstein -- one thing to consider is that there ARE
studies that conclusively link better bg control with avoidance of
complications.  So a very important question is whether low-carb diets
do in fact improve bg control.  Here, although studies can serve as a
guide, ultimately the only way you'll know for sure if it works for YOU
is to try it and see.

Just MHO...

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