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Re: [IP] what pump do I get?

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> I am an active 50 year old female.  I was diagnosed as a type 1
> diabetic less than 1 year ago.  I am going to try the pump so that my
> physical activity can remain at as high a level as possible without
> experiencing  hypoglycemia.  I love to jog, ski, golf, play
> raquetball, bike etc.  My physician recommended either the animus pump
> or the minimed pump.  I want it to be waterproof, I think.  Does
> anyone have any recommendations? 

Both companies have pumps that will probably fit your needs. 
Talk to reps from both companies (and if you can't get hold of 
one, consider that), look at both pumps, play with them, 
imagine carrying around either 24x7, and see what strikes your 

I've been using Minimed pumps for many years, but that doesn't 
mean Minimed would be right for you.
                 - Bluejay Adametz, CFII, A&P, AA-5B N45210

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