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Recently I had written in about an article in the newspaper about a 7 y/o who 
was going to have to wait until he was 12 for a pump.  Someone at IP 
suggested perhaps I should write a letter to the newspaper and enlighten the 
area about pumping and IP.  Well, my letter came out in todays newspaper.  My 
sister, who is an RN, says it was very good.  So, hopefuly, the people of 
this area will check out the site!
Also, heard from a neighbor about a friend of hers who is a pumper.  Seems 
last week he made the local news.  He drove from "town" to his home--about 25 
miles--with a police car following him with it's lights on, and he never saw 
the police car behind him!  Yes, he was having an insulin reaction.  I 
understand he was going to the dr this week to see what's going on.  
Hopefully I will be in contact with this gentlman as I need to find a doc who 
works with pumpers. 

Also, to Sara, I agree with you about letting others see the pump!  The lady 
who gave me my first set of pumps said she used to get lots of stares because 
people thought she was playing with her bosom!  (She wears hers in her bra.)

dx 3/63
pumping 3/2000 
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