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[IP] the BEST pump

Insulin Pumpers is supported entirely through donations. Your contribution
of $1 or $2 per month is needed. Please make your pledge of $10 or more per
year so that Insulin Pumpers can continue to serve YOU and the diabetes
community.     Visit: http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/donate.shtml

is an INSULIN pump...all the other bells and whistles are just 
that...extra....if it delivers insulin subcutaneously continually throughout 
the day allowing you to run basal insulin 24 hours a day, with boluses for 
meals, then you have FOUND the PERFECT solution to your pump needs.....

it is like buying a Saturn....doesn't matter what KIND you get...it is still 
a saturn...the tough choices are the color, leather seats, electic 
windows...yada yada yada...

Sara...who owns a PURPLE saturn and an INSULIN pump (2 of them actually....)
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