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Re: [IP] be Loud Be Proud Be Bumpy

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Sara, I agree with you.  I am not at all shy about my
pump showing.  I routinely grab it out from under my
arm (in my bra) no matter where I am.  I test my blood
very often, no matter where I am (sitting in church,

The only time I am reticent about revealing my
diabetes is when I am new on a job.  I have never lost
a day of work due to diabetes in my close to 30 years
of working (I've had D for 38 years).  But I am a bit
shy about it at first.  Most people know or have heard
of a diabetic who has had lots of trouble with it, and
I just have a desire to "prove" myself a healthy, good
worker before I let it out.  After I feel people know
me (within a couple of months or so), I let people
know as it comes up.  

On my current job, my boss saw me pull my pump out in
the cafeteria and asked me what it was.  She was very
nice about it, didn't seem overly concerned.  In fact,
she called me up (after she was no longer my boss) in
a frenzy when one of her employees was having a "low"
but refusing medical help.  I ran down there, but
didn't actually do anything - he had eaten something
and came out of it ok.  

Another time, this same lady came in contact with
another person who was having a low because they had
skipped lunch.  She said to me 'and the least he could
have done was have some glucose tablets!'  (She's been
around me enough to have learned quite a bit,
actually.  She's become a friend.) 

I've found it best to educate people in small chunks
of information.  It can take a long time before people
quit offering sugar when you have a high BS, or asking
if you need to take more insulin when you have a low. 
But the people who are closest to me really do

Oh, just remembered another time where my tubing was
showing, but I didn't realize it.  I was in a job
interview, and the person interviewing me asked a
friend of mine what it was!  I was still hired, but
didn't find out about that for quite a while
afterward.  That was one time when I kind of wished I
had hidden it.  I didn't know this person at all, so
guess he didn't feel comfortable asking me directly.

Another thing that happened very recently was pretty
neat - I was having lunch with a young girl (probably
around 8), and she saw my pump and said 'is that an
insulin pump'?  She knew someone else who had one.

I'm SOOOO happy to be a pumper, and I see no reason to
hide it at all!!!


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