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Re: [IP] be Loud Be Proud Be Bumpy

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At 10:48 AM 8/24/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Sara, What a woman you are!   I agree I am proud and have pulled my pump out
>of my bra at a luncheon with many doctors present who had never seen a pump.
>And almost all of them were very interested in seeing it and really knowing
>how it worked.  I was so pleased and we were all better off for the

Ya, sort of sad when people are more interested in your pump then your 
boobs.  LOL  Sorry couldn't resist.  :-)

I agree with what everyone has said on this topic.  I never ever hide my 
diabetes.  And I don't wanna start a war but I also test in public.  If 
people don't want to look they don't have too.  For me I refuse to let 
diabetes inconvenience my life in anyway.  About 20 years ago when I 
started using strips I was having dinner with my parents in a nice 
restaurant.  I pulled out my meter and began to test at the table.  I 
thought my parents were gonna "s*&t".  I couldn't believe it.  They just 
started reaming me.  I looked at them and said "well just turn away so you 
don't have to watch because I am nut budging".  They finally got use to 
their daughters ways and when we went out for Mom's 70th to a really fancy 
place where I even put a dress on my pump was in my bra and when the meal 
arrived I got my pump out and bolused.  Not a peep from 
anyone.  Hoooorrraaaay for us be Loud Be Proud Be Bumpy.  :-)

Ahh Geez one time too my tubing was hanging out of my outfit and this woman 
comes at me with scissors because she thought it was a 
thread.  Ikes!!  :-)  And one last comment when I was on one of the 
original pumps I had no choice but to where it on my waist because it was 
so huge.  I just didn't care what people thought for I was happy and 
enjoying life and feeling much better on a pump.

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