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Re: i[IP] Re: kids with diabetes being shunned

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I was lucky as a child that my mother contacted the parents of my close
friends.  She gave them advice on having me spend the night, so I wasn't
excluded.  I didn't learn she did this until much later, but I'm thankful
she did it.

I did the same thing when my son was little.  I noticed that he never was
invited to spend the night, so I called the parents of a few of his friends. 
We got together one afternoon and I explained what to look for, how to treat
a low, when to make him test, and when he would do his shots.  I said I
would be home at all times while he was over at their house so they could
call me.  A couple did call after he was asleep to report and basically ask
if they did things right.  After the first time, it didn't seem difficult
for most.

This was long before we had pumps.  But after that meeting, he did get
included in sleepovers and was never the wiser that I had contacted parents.
As he got a little older and he had been included some, parents of others
contacted me about having him spend the night.  When children saw that he
could be included, he just was.  It seems like it would be even easier now
with a pump than it was with shots.

Judi in MI
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