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Re: [IP] what pump do I get?

Diane - my daughter and g-daughter started on Animas a couple months ago.  
She looked at mini-med and animas - likes the feature of animas that it shows 
the entire menu screen (the first screen - anyway) without scrolling - she 
also liked their rep people better -  I believe it allows for  the smallest 
bolus also which was a feature she liked because Emma's dosage is so small.  

  Tammy, Mom to Joely (dx'd 1970); g-ma to Emma, homeschooled,  (dx'd 
9-15-01)  Animas pumpers  7-18-02, g-ma to Nick non-d & homeschooled,  mom to 
Troy (non-d)) 16 yo
In a message dated 8/24/02 8:23:04 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I am an active 50 year old female.  I was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic 
> less than 1 year ago.  I am going to try the pump so that my physical 
> activity can remain at as high a level as possible without experiencing  
> hypoglycemia.  I love to jog, ski, golf, play raquetball, bike etc.  My 
> physician recommended either the animus pump or the minimed pump.  I want 
> it 
> to be waterproof, I think.  Does anyone have any recommendations?
> Diane
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