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Re: [IP] be Loud Be Proud Be Bumpy

     Glad to see the Arizona heat hasn't affected your wicked sense of 
humor!! LOL....For those who don't know Sara from her postings the past few 
years, I just want to second her views & also thank her for being so PROUD 
about asserting her willingness to do what it takes to optimize her care. 
Whether it's diabetes or any other condition, far too many people jeopardize 
their health because of being too worried about what "others" will think or 
    I recently spoke to a young woman who's struggling with her diabetes 
(dx'd 20 yrs ago). When I recommended seeing a new CDE, she commented that 
she doesn't drive & doesn't believe ANY diabetics should have licenses. 
YIKES!!!!....when I subsequently spoke to her mother who commented that she 
was so glad when her daughter stopped using the pump because it made her 
cringe to see that THING attached to her daughter, I realized what a very 
very sad situation this whole family dynamic must be. She also bemoaned how 
cruel the world was because her daughter couldn't keep a job because of 
problems with her diabetes & her bosses not "understanding".
   Sara - you offer us a very sardonic, but much healthier, approach to the 
"diabetes real deal"  than that being followed by this young woman.
Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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