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[IP] Re: be loud be proud be bumpy

I agree Sara!  I have many friends who will see my tubing and say "ahm... 
your hanging out" they way they say it you would think I am flashing someone 
instead of a little piece of plastic showing.  I am not up to the point where 
I test wherever, but I certainly don't hide it as much as I used to.  I have 
my meter on my desk at work ( I am a director of a child care center) and I 
test whenever there.  But as far as public places I am a little more 
discreet.  Though I have no problem bolusing or whatever with my pump 
wherever and whenever. I was taking a class last semester and I bolused.  At 
the break a woman came over to me and asked if I wore a pump.  I said yes, 
how did you know. She replied she heard the beeps for the bolus and she wore 
on too.  Now if I hid my pumping I would have never ever known that (she 
definitely hid it) and we wouldnt have had nearly as many conversations!
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