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Re: [IP] be Loud Be Proud Be Bumpy

I agree with you TOTALLY Sara - you have a GREAT attitude - I think your 
mother (and usually I stand up for mothers) is wrong on this one.  The 
examples you gave are right-on.  (I hate that term but it fits).  (Dead on - 
that's better) - Anyway, I can tell you are a strong person.  Too bad if the 
general population has to see a little tubing - the worst (or best, however 
you look at it) that can happen is they ask you about it and that is when you 
educate them - which is what all non-D people need, educating - about 
Diabetes.  When I have my g-daughter her tubing is showing because she 
usually wears her pump in the little bad with velcro that, I believe, came 
with the pump - her mother attaches that to a nylon strap she got off a 
backpack of some kind - and she wears it around your neck crossed over one 
shoulder lik e some women wear  their purses - therefore, the tubing shows a 
little - big deal - now my daughter wears hers with a belt clip she attaches 
to her pants, jeans, shorts, so her tubing doesn't show - but you are totally 
right, Sara.  Keep up  the healthy attitude.

In a message dated 8/23/02 9:44:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> i agree with Julie who disagrees with someone else about hiding the 
> diabetes...
> > I don't believe it should behidden or shielded from anyone.  When 
> > someone asks " if I have thesugar", I point at the pump and say yes, but 
> > I wear my pancreas on theoutside.  I don't think anyone should hide 
> > or apologize for thisdisease.  
> Right On Sistah...
> Be Loud, Be Proud....BE BUMPY!!!
> My mom gives me a hard time about my tubing hanging out all the time....she 
> kinda points...and "says, sara....umm...your...ummm wires....are hanging 
> out..."  For me, it is kinda like pointing out to me that my arm is 
> dangling 
> from my shoulder again...the
> pump is a part of who I YAM, where I go, it goes.  Love me, love my pump 
> (or 
> at least help me disconnect before you rip it out....)

  Tammy, Mom to Joely (dx'd 1970); g-ma to Emma, homeschooled,  (dx'd 
9-15-01)  Animas pumpers  7-18-02, g-ma to Nick non-d & homeschooled,  mom to 
Troy (non-d)) 16 yo. 
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