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[IP] Re: Pumping in Public

Sara wrote:
>OBVIOUSLY, I am not rude enough to stand on a grand 
>dais in a velvet gown and stick my hand down my 
>bodice, or maybe I am, and that is another story, 
>but the point is...

I comment:

You might not be rude enough - but I AM!!  And I've
done it.  I do NOT worry about the looks - I only
worry about whether or not my diabetes is being taken
care of.  Who cares where I pull it out of? (I even
reach under my skirt to yank it off the elastic on my
underwear - IN PUBLIC!) LOL.  

If they're rude enough to stare & snicker - I'm rude
enough to make a bigger point of doing it in public. 
If they're enlightened enough to ask me what I'm doing
& what is that "beeper" thing?  then I step right up
to the plate and tell them (as quickly as possible
since we all know that ears have a limited battery

I tell ya' - there are a lot of tennis players in
Denver who know a lot more about diabetes than they
did before they met me!!  And you DO NOT want to know
where I pack my pump when I'm on the court! :-)

Just my $.02 (or is that 40 Lira?).


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