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Re: [IP] be Loud Be Proud Be Bumpy

At 09:09 AM 8/24/02, Sara wrote:
>Right On Sistah...
>Be Loud, Be Proud....BE BUMPY!!!

I agree totally with Sara!  I was also very lucky to have a mom who kept 
telling me that my diabetes wouldn't stop me from having the life I wanted 
to have.   I never "hide" my pump or my "wires".  They hang right out there 
on my pants, sometimes I get questions, and I just love to explain it 
all.  I think that the more of us that show and explain, the more people 
may start understanding.  That would help to eliminate the fear and 
misunderstandings.  So I also say.... Be loud, be proud and BE BUMPY, wires 
and all!  :o)

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