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[IP] The diabetic child (kindergartner) in school

One of my pumper friends locally has a child in elementary school and this is
what the mother does. She packs the child's lunch with a carb value/insulin
dose on each item. If the child eats the whole meal, she boluses the certain
amount. The child's maximum bolus is set at 4 units. The mother also has set
instructions "If the child's BG is in this range do this or bolus that" plus
she can be called at work if the sugars are way off. The child checks her BG
in the office, recording the reading there. We have a nurse that travels from
school to school. I agree that the nurse needs to have training to deal with a
pumper. Our diabetes educator is happy to do that for any one that is in
contact with a pumper. I think paraprofessionals feel a little more confident
when they have training or set instructions. Just my 2 cents worth cause I
know that is what somebody does here and it seems to work well for the parties
involved. Sharon B
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