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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #558

Mary who is now l0 has done wonderful in two different schools for the last 2
years with her pump.  Although she can not figure out her correction boluses and
all the food boluses, she has can and does call me either at home, work or the
cell phone.  The school staff and nurses would much prefer I figure them out.
As far as administering medication, they have Mary push the buttons.  The staff
look over her shoulder to see that she gave herself the "correct" amount.   In
reality, 99% of the time she gives herself the "correct" amount, however she
does not always remember to bolus in the first place. Since they do not touch
the pump, they are not administering medication.  I know that we are almost
splitting hairs, but this works for her and her school.   Each day I write out a
small card and place in her pump case,  It has the bolus for the snacks that she
is planning on eating for the day and also for lunch whether she brings or buys.
Yes I does take time each day to write this out, but it is well worth it.  The
staff person, (teacher, aid, secretary or nurse) then initials her card
verifying that they observed the bolus.  If she is over a set number at her
lunch check, the school calls me and we trouble shoot.  Sometimes she is over
her recommended range because she just came from gym (yes activity sends her
bg's up right after she exercises,) she had a snack late, or just ate a birthday
treat, forgot to bolus for breakfast or maybe set is going bad .  The school
does not automatically give her a correction bolus.  Many times now she can
figure it out on her own and tell me.

The school wishes that all their kids with Diabetes were pumpers.  It is a lot
easier to give a correction bolus than have Mom come to school to give a shot.
Also they can have birthday treats much easier.  Her school uses food and treats
as rewards and also for learning experiences.  She can be just like any other
kid and eat them and then bolus to cover.

One must remember each child is a child first, not a diabetic first. Although
one time she put her pump into suspend when she had a substitute teacher.  She
told the sub that she had to go to the office because her pump was alarming It
was really to go down and visit with the school secretary who she just loved.
She didn't want to stay in class.  Kids are very creative.

Mary has done wonderful at school with the pump and 2 different schools are
amazed how well she really does manage it all.  But, I don't want her to have to
assume full responsibility for her care for 8 hours a day at l0.


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> "Kay" and "diabetic teacher":
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> I would feel very strongly that a diabetic
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