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[IP] new to pumping

My daughter (age 15, diagnosed 16 months ago) is new to the Paradigm pump
... it's been a bumpy start getting basal and bolus rates settled; I think
the "promise" of the pump made her start eating more "casually" and less
carefully.  Some really high readings have shaken us up and caused a lot of
frustration ...  Starting pumping in the summer when life is less routine
has its plusses and minuses ... the heat, going swimming, storing insulin,
connecting and disconnecting the pump ... challenges all.  I am told it can
take 2 months to figure it out ... she has been working with it for a month
now ... still not on an even keel, altho her doctor is pleased.

She tends to play with the tubing, twirling it around her finger.  One
night, the tubing of the infusion set split at the top of the reservoir, so
she did not receive insulin for hours until she checked her bg.  We thought
we could just replace the tubing and save the insulin ... but the Minimed
helpline said that was not a good idea-- that she had to replace the whole
reservoir and infusion set.  Any thoughts??  What's your experience?

Also, the ads say that the pump is waterproof ... any suggestions for
wearing the pump at the beach ... in saltwater ... what about sand?  Can
sand get into the mechanism?

We will keep at it.  I thought it was going to be easier than it is.  It's
like learning to deal with diabetes again.


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