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Re: [IP] Re: dr bernsteins diet

Jayne Drowns <email @ redacted> wrote:

> What I'd like to know is how many people have applied to NIH (or whoever
> is you apply to for grants to do medical studies) asking for funding to
> study how low carb diets work?

That's a good question.  I'll see if I can find out on the NIH web site - or
there may be some projects funded by USDA (that's who maintains the
nutrition data base).  Perhaps someone in Diabetes Translation at CDC knows.

> If the government is not going to back low
> carb studies, but it is going to back research supporting low fat then
> all skewed (especially when the low fat supporting studies are conducted
> people who are just as low fat supporting as are their studies).

I suspect that there is some money there - but researchers have to ask for
it.  Funding agencies - at least U. S. government agencies - do not dictate
the research to be done.

> I do believe that some low carb studies have been funded recently.  Can't
> wait to see what they say!  In the meantime, I do what works for me.

Atkins has funded some studies that are now underway.  One of the main
criticisms is that they have made their claims for *years* but have never
taken the time to support them with well planned research protocols.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted

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