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RE: [IP] Re: dr bernsteins diet

>Marion [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:
> > He is indeed impressive in what he has done to
> > reverse his own diabetic complications and the help he has given 
> > of
> > patients.

Jim responded:

>I don't want to start or participate in a diet war, but I have to respond
>here as it is typical of Bernstein's book, and just about every other diet
>This falls into the category of testimonial, not research.  One of the red
>flags everyone should look for when evaluating diet programs, and every
>other bit of popular scientific writing is how much do the conclusions 
>promoted rely on testimonials.  Good research is carefully conducted so 
>the participant, and often the researcher, does not know which program is
>being used (blind or double blind).  Further, a great deal of effort is put
>into controlling for everything that could cloud the outcome - known as
>confounders.  Bernstein does *NONE* of this, but relies wholly on
>testimonial and his own personal experience.

I don't want to start a diet war either.  I'm afraid that it was my email 
that brought all this up again.  I really REALLY meant to send that 
privately and I don't know what happened but it went to the list...

But now that it's out there.... Here goes:

What I'd like to know is how many people have applied to NIH (or whoever it 
is you apply to for grants to do medical studies) asking for funding to 
study how low carb diets work?  If the government is not going to back low 
carb studies, but it is going to back research supporting low fat then it's 
all skewed (especially when the low fat supporting studies are conducted by 
people who are just as low fat supporting as are their studies).

I do believe that some low carb studies have been funded recently.  Can't 
wait to see what they say!  In the meantime, I do what works for me.


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