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[IP] be Loud Be Proud Be Bumpy

i agree with Julie who disagrees with someone else about hiding the 

> I don't believe it should behidden or shielded from anyone.  When 
> someone asks " if I have thesugar", I point at the pump and say yes, but 
> I wear my pancreas on theoutside.  I don't think anyone should hide 
> or apologize for thisdisease.  

Right On Sistah...

Be Loud, Be Proud....BE BUMPY!!!

My mom gives me a hard time about my tubing hanging out all the time....she 
kinda points...and "says, sara....umm...your...ummm wires....are hanging 
out..."  For me, it is kinda like pointing out to me that my arm is dangling 
from my shoulder again...the
pump is a part of who I YAM, where I go, it goes.  Love me, love my pump (or 
at least help me disconnect before you rip it out....)

I think the tubing embarrasses my mother...kinda like if my bra strap was 
showing... what I would like to do sometime is get some fluorescent paint and 
paint the tubing BRIGHT ORANGE...she will just hafta deal with MY diabetes 
the best she can...I am the one with an orange tube stuck to me!! (all the 
time, I might add...she lives in FL and I live in AZ...you'd THINK she could 

I personally have no problem with the appearance of the pump and take no 
special pains to "hide" my porta-pancreas.  Nor do I have any problem digging 
it out of wherever it is.  I take my hand out of my pocket to blow my 
nose....I take my shoe off to scratch my foot, I put my glasses on to see a 
distant sign, I take off my coat when I am warm....I take out my pump when I 
need insulin...it is as much a part of me as this big zit on my chin and no 
amount of cover-up is gonna make it go away!!

OBVIOUSLY, I am not rude enough to stand on a grand dais in a velvet gown and 
stick my hand down my bodice, or maybe I am, and that is another story, but 
the point is...

Be Loud, Be Proud....Be Bumpy....

heck, you can ALWAYS go back to completely unobtrusive injections....Not for 
all the tea in china, thank you very much....you'll have to pry my pump out 
of my cold dead fingers first

I got over my fear or apprehension or observance of propriety or whatever it 
is that made me want to hide my diabetes a LONG time ago.  Now I test WHERE 
ever and WHEN ever I need/want to.  I used to do it standing up in the 
subway, waiting in line at the theatre, sitting at Wendys, after invigorating 
activities in the hot tub and on the training floor at the gym...It isn't so 
much I don't CARE what anyone else thinks, I just don't worry about what 
other people think in general, so why should this be any different!!  In 
fact, other than a few curious looks, it is only my own mother who has EVER 
said anytihng negative about it...and what she wanted to know was WHY I had 
to make such a production number out of it and wouldnt it be better to go do 
it in the bathroom????? LOL  love my mama but sometimes you just wanna whack 

Frequent testing is what enables me to eat oreos without guilt, (too bad it 
doesn't do anything about making me less fat....)  it is what allows me to 
sleep in til noon on Saturdays, it is what allows me to eat breakfast at 4 am 
after a night of carousing, it is what allows me to sit at my desk all day 
reading email without a break for lunch....

BE LOUD, BE PROUD, BE BUMPY!!! we have no need to hide our diabetes or our 
pumps.  Remember the duck lady Natalie Sera??  (where is she??).  I think she 
is hte one who said the pump is like a wheelchair - it sets you free from a 
life of confinement...diabetes CAN be confining, we should not encourage 

Sara...who has bumps in all the right places
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