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Re: [IP] need help fniding new endo for son in college

On 8/23/02 7:18 PM, "Black, Katie" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> My son is about to go off to college after transferring to a school here in
> California. He will be in Valencia, and at least for a while, without a car.
> I have a recommendation for a doc in Ventura, but am looking closer for now.
> Does anyone have any information about the doctors below? You can email me
> privately if you prefer.
> Thanks
> Katie
> Steven H. Baron, MD, PhD
> George Alan Charnock, MD, PhD, FACE

Here is where the Pump Docs list comes in handy.


You can find some comments on Dr. Charnock there and you will find the email
address  email @ redacted  as who has posted these comments.   I didn't
see a Dr. Baron listed.   Maybe if your son ends up with him your son will
post a reference about the doctor.

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