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Fw: [IP] Soooo mad

 Liz wrote: Why don't you talk to her and see if she'd be willing to become
 member of this mail list? She might find it easier to learn about the
 disease from strangers than from her sister. It could be a real eye opener
 for her.

 My 80 year old mother lives with me now, and has never understood diabetes
(which I think stems from fear and guilt in both my parents), but reading
some of the IP posts to her has helped a whole lot!

I didn't catch how old you and your sister are, Rebecca, but I am 40, my
brothers are 49 and 56, and when they want to be total jerks, they still use
diabetes against me ("It's all in your head" etc.).  So I've decided,
finally, that I care too much about what they think, they care too little
about what I think, and since I will always be "baby sister", they'll always
be jerks to me sometimes.

Do you know what the Number One cause of sibling rivalry is?  Having more
than one child! <:~)

Best wishes,

Lisa Mattox
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