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Re: [IP] Non-diabetic blood sugars

Sara, Bonjour,

This is one of those YMMV thing, it's a good idea to get her checked
out by a doctor, but there was a thread here a couple weeks back with
this very issue. It's normal for a " normal "  (not DM ) person to have
blood sugars a little above the normal range of 4.0 mmol (72) to 7.0
mmol (126) depending on circomstances. How long after a meal did you
test, etc....

Also, just a reminder, as I got reminded when I joined, multiply your bg
#'s by 18 and you will get the other scale that everyone understands. 

Michel J. email @ redacted If the Black Boxes can
survive an airplane crash, why don't they make the whole aircraft with
that stuff !!!!!!!!     >From: "Sara Molyneaux" >Reply-To:
email @ redacted >To: email @ redacted >Subject: [IP]
Non-diabetic blood sugars >Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 18:00:29 -0400 > >I
just tested my sister's blood sugars today "for fun" and she had a BS >of
8.3mmol. Whenever I've tested her before she's been in the 4 or 5s. >What
really worries me is that she's the exact same age I was at >diagnosis
and she says she's been peeing a lot lately. Should I/she be >concerned?
I'm pretty sure she's going to go to the doctor and get tested >anyway
but we're both a little freaked about it and I'd like to know how
>worried we should be about a Bs of 8.3. TIA.Sara M >
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