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Re: [IP] Question about an 81mg per day Aspirin regimen

I've read some of the other responses to your question and see that many
people take baby aspirin instead of regular adult aspirin.  I'm wondering if
that's what I should do.  I was taking 1 (sometimes 2) regular strength
aspirin and had big problems with bleeding and bruising at infusion sites.
Since I stopped taking the aspirin, these problems have diminished a lot.  I
may try baby aspirin but don't really understand the "why" either.  Perhaps
someone from the list can explain.......

>     I asked the nurse who gave me the results from my doctor to ask the
> if I should continue on the Aspirin regimen he started me on a couple of
> ago since I don't have any problems with blockages. Of course she had to
> and ask the doctor then call me back. When she called me back she told me
> the doctor said to continue with the aspirin regimen. However, there
wasn't an
> explanation as to why. I'll have to wait until September's appointment to
> out why. Does anyone else take the Aspirin even though there apparently
> anything wrong with their heart?
>     I'm also concerned that when I get the pump that I'm going to have
> bruising at infusion sites because of the Aspirin.
>     Thank You,
>     Cody S. Alderson
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