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[IP] Re: Soooooo mad

>People still say to me, "Oh, you got sugar?" Yeah, I got sugar. Geez!<

Yes, we ALL have sugar. Some of my friends have more or less of  it  than 
others.  Some people  even have a normal amount of  "sugar."

This phrase bugs me. Just like this one..."Oh, you have a temperature!" 
Well, I hope we all have a "normal" body temperature.

I used to hate it when my mom's friends or relatives would treat her 
"different" because she had diabetes. I could sense her pain. No, I don't 
have diabetes, but I think I "get it" ...most of the time.  Some of us are 
more sensitive than others.

The sister may have other issues related to diabetes that aren't necessarily 
because of diabetes. Family members of anyone with a chronic condition 
experience this:
They "always" get: more attention, manipulate other siblings (or parents) 
just to get their own way, ruin all the family occasions, ...yada, yada, 

Let's not be too hard on the family members...educate them, listen to them, 
try to understand why they feel the way they do.  It might make for some 
interesting discussions and open up avenues of understanding. Sometimes, we 
do have to let them vent, just as you should expect them to listen to your 
venting, fears, concerns, anxieties, dreams, etc.   We don't communicate 
enough because emotions get in the way.  Many of us ignore "baggage."  We 
need to open those suitcases, sort out the junk, and throw it away.

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