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Re: [IP] Re: great school nres

> Now I must assure everyone that just because they are nurses it does not
> mean they are trained the best they can be.  for the 2 years it takes to
> become an RN you would not believe all the stuff we must learn.  I
> the section on diabetes it lasted 3 days..  yup you heard me right 3 days
> (for both types).  They don't teach anything about the pump except that
> an treatment option.  They teach shots and the measuring system and
> go over the insulin types.

2 years to become an RN?  would that be the training through a hospital?  my
mom did her bachelor degree in nursing, graduated in 68 or 69 (i think 69, i
get mixed up).  she intended to do her nursing training at the hospital, but
my grandfather insisted on her going to mcmaster to get a university degree,
said it would do her well in the long term.
he was right.  she also did a bachelor degree in business a little later
when she was taking care of me and my younger brother - until we were in
school full time.  she then got a job as a case manager at the community
care access centre.
she also met my father at the university, so that probably was a very good
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