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Re: [IP] Re: great school nres

At 03:49 PM 8/23/2002, you wrote:
>The problem with training nurses in insulin pumping or anything else with
>Type I diabetes, although they should already know this stuff since they are
>nurses, is that Type I is so rare

Now I must assure everyone that just because they are nurses it does not 
mean they are trained the best they can be.  for the 2 years it takes to 
become an RN you would not believe all the stuff we must learn.  I remember 
the section on diabetes it lasted 3 days..  yup you heard me right 3 days 
(for both types).  They don't teach anything about the pump except that its 
an treatment option.  They teach shots and the measuring system and briefly 
go over the insulin types.

As we always say:  Nursing school does not teach you how to be a nurse, 
thats what the real world is for, Nursing school just teaches you how to 
pass the NCLEX

You also must remember diabetes is a very complex disease, and can be very 
confusing for those that don't deal with it like as often as those of us 
that live with it.

Brian Carter
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