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Re: i[IP] Re: kids with diabetes being shunned

Linda & Dax wrote:
"Subject: Re: [IP] Re: kids with diabetes being shunned
Barbara has made some very interesting "musings" but one area that she did
not touch on as to why kids with diabetes might be treated differently today
is the threat of litigation. This is an unhappy but very real truth in
today's world. And the question of "what if something happens will I be held
responsible" is a thought that is likely to cross may peoples heads.
I hate it when I think this way but all too often you do see just that very
thing happening.
Thoughts anyone?"

So sorry to say, but this is today's world.  Something happens, someone else
must be "responsible" so lawsuit.   Just as when we were growing up, there
was the ol' swimmin' hole, usually a pond way back on some farmer's
property, but today, these are now fenced and posted with "NO TRESPASSING"
signs because of fear of litigation should someone be hurt.   After all,
spill hot coffee because you put it between your legs, and it couldn't
possibly be your fault.  Try to break into someone's home, get hurt, sue,
and win!  Sure we all could go on and on with examples.
Perhaps if parents of kids with diabetes are able to talk with other
parents, supply just some basic written info (more to s/s of lows with need
to call should such be noted, child's own responsibilities with need to
check in, etc), clearly state that responsibility is with selves, not
parents of friends, and provide an absolutely-can-reach-us-24 hrs-a-day tel
number with any concern/observation/question, some fears could be allayed.
Where a sister of Marj's lives, some people go out of the way to create "not
at fault" accidents so they can sue, get money (favorite is motioning to
someone making left that they can go, just ramming them, and, of course,
person making left is at fault since other says they never said to turn).
Ah, what ever happened to personal responsibility, and integrity?
Marj; Mike (I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list); and "Ace,
the PP" (portable pancreas)
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