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Re: [IP] Advice needed

>My question is how do I lower that after breakfast reading of 200? I 
>figure I have three options but I'm not sure which is best:
>1) Eat something else, perhaps something lower carb.
>2) Up my basal rate for that time of the day. My concern about this, 
>though, is that I'm already pretty rock bottom by lunch.
>3) Change my breakfast ratio from 1:10 to something higher.
>Any advice that you experienced pumpers might have for my is greatly 
>appreciated. Thanks in advance for all your help!
>Keith G.

Keith, have you done any fasting to see what happens if you don't 
eat?  That will show whether the rise in bg is due to what you've eaten or 
not.  My bg goes to 200 after I get up whether I've eaten or not.  What 
worked for me was a get out of bed bolus.  I take one unit as soon as I get 
up which seems to level my bg out.  My CDE tried increasing my morning food 
bolus, which had disastrous results since the bg rise had nothing to do 
with the food I'd eaten.   YMMV.

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