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Re: [IP] gastroparesis

At 01:21 PM 8/23/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>Any of you folks who know anything about diabetic
>gastroparesis,I need your opinion.(don't worry,I'll
>consult my physician )

Why?  LOL Sorry I just couldn't resist.

>So,what I want to know is,does gastro.come
>on just like a stomach bug and just stick around till
>you get it taken care of?or does it come and go in

How I got diagnosed was I was experiencing severe bloating and off/on 
nausea.  So then after about a year of this and all those intestinal track 
test and drinking the pink crap I had the test for gastro done and sure 
enough I had it.  Since then I have done ok, but still have the nausea, 
vomiting, and bloating.  Plus the lovely blood sugar crazy's.  It's hard to 
keep them tight when you don't know if food will stay down or when it will 
digest.  Staying away from fat is a good thing because that takes the 
longest to digest.  Please be careful ( and I am speaking to myself on this 
one cause sometimes I get really pissed and give way to much insulin when I 
am high ) as far as giving too much insulin for people with gastro can have 
a hard time coming out of a low if you are not absorbing food.

I know Mr. Rodney know's a lot more about this then I do so maybe he'll 
pipe in.  :-)  But bottom line I would call your doctor.

Good Luck and keep us posted,
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