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[IP] I never had Sibs (Was: Sooooo mad)

To grow up with, but I do have three natural sisters who are of blood
family. I was adopted and we all know each other.

Once, while arguing with my sisters they said things like "Mom didn't want
YOU because you're blind and retarded!!!" (I was the only one of 4 who was
adopted out and the other three were kept) I felt so hurt like you did, but
later on, I was upstairs in the 'guest room' at my 'natural mom's' house and
that same bunch was downstairs fighting because they couldn't afford some
new name brand outfits or such. "WELL! I wish WE got 'dopted too!!! JENNY
gets ANYTHING SHE WANTS from HER other Mommy!!!"...and... "But JENNY has

Uh, can we say "Jealousy"?

I felt a moment of insight for a 14 year old. Maybe your sister feels all
the care and concern you got was slighting her and unfortunately, that never
goes away. No matter how old one gets.

No, you weren't faking anything. She is most likely feeling very inadequate
about some things and wanted to tear you down too. While it does hurt to
hear someone you love and thought loved you say such things, it's bound to
involve deeper issues.  How old is she that the drinking of a shake would
upset her so?

BTW, this 'retard' has a 3.8+ GPA in College and is now doing fun courses in
Computer Graphics. My eldest sis is a housewife, so is the one next down,
(I'm 3rd) and the youngest is a designer of fine jewelry  and has her own
store, .....and a son with Spina Bifida. She, the nicest, unfortunately has
had a hard row to hoe too.

What goes around comes around.

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Jenny Sutherland
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