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Re: [IP] Question about an 81mg per day Aspirin regimen

On 23 Aug 2002 at 13:14, Alderson Arts wrote:

> if I should continue on the Aspirin regimen he started me on a couple
> of weeks ago since I don't have any problems with blockages. Of course
> she had to wait and ask the doctor then call me back. When she called
> me back she told me that the doctor said to continue with the aspirin
> regimen. However, there wasn't an explanation as to why. I'll have to
> wait until September's appointment to find out why. Does anyone else
> take the Aspirin even though there apparently isn't anything wrong
> with their heart?
>     I'm also concerned that when I get the pump that I'm going to have
>     more bruising at infusion sites because of the Aspirin.

I've been on aspirin for 3+ years, sometimes just taking the 325 mg. pills cause they're 
cheaper.  It does help with the bleeding for tests and I've been able to use my arm as a 
site.  But I haven't noticed any increase in bruising.   Of course YBMV       :>) 

(as a matter of fact my ribs stopped getting bruised and my wifes sore elbow went away 
when I went on the CPAP for snoring)
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