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[IP] Advice needed

Hello fellow pumpers,

I've been on my Paradigm for a couple weeks now and I'm loving the control
I'm getting - for the most part. My doctor has adjusted my basal schedule so
that I'm on five different rates throughout the day. 

The problem I'm having is with my after breakfast reading. On average I
would say that my BG tends to spike about 100 points (to around 200 mg/dl).
By lunchtime, however, I tend to drop to between 70 - 80 mg/dl. An average
day's readings would look something like this:

6 am - 100 (BB) Basal: .9
8 am - 200 (AB)
11 am - 70 (BL) Basal: .5
1 pm - 100 (AL)
3 pm - 80 (snack)
5 pm - 85 (BD)
7 pm - 100 (AD) Basal: .7
9 pm - 70 (Bed)

I always eat the same breakfast of 1.5 cups of Cheerios with 1 cup of milk.
Plus, I drink an eight ounce glass of Metamucil. Therefore, breakfast is 40
carbs. My I:CHO ratio for breakfast is 1:10, which means a bolus of 4.0

My question is how do I lower that after breakfast reading of 200? I figure
I have three options but I'm not sure which is best:

1) Eat something else, perhaps something lower carb.

2) Up my basal rate for that time of the day. My concern about this, though,
is that I'm already pretty rock bottom by lunch.

3) Change my breakfast ratio from 1:10 to something higher.

Any advice that you experienced pumpers might have for my is greatly
appreciated. Thanks in advance for all your help!

Keith G.
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