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[IP] So Mad - an observation

Some where along the route of life I was part of a seminar with non-perfect 
people.  My non-perfection was my pancreas, but others had vision 
difficulties, MS, epilesy, et. al    I was designated the recorder for my 
group and one of my jobs was to note the 'bad comments' we would make about 
each other.   I found I was 'dissing' others about their 'non-perfections' as 
much as they were 'dissing' mine - mainly because I didn't understand what 
they had been through to get to where they were then.  Summary was, if you 
wish to be sensitive to slights, that is your right.  If you wish never to 
slight, there's not much left that isn't going to offend someone at sometime. 
 The quest was to find the middle ground that's right for you and the crowd 
you wish to be appreciated by.

As you said, there's much going on that made you and your (?) sister so mad.  
See if you can get rid of the 'Fire' in your sister that your Diabetes has 
caused and then see how much of the remaining smoke is due to other things. - 
Bob N
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