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[IP] Re: Occulusion

>I am lucky to work where I can wear jeans all the time. I
>always wear my pump on my belt with the tubing down my leg and I have
>again NEVER had an occlusion alarm.

I have a MM508.  Every year, I go to a medieval faire, and part of my 
costume for the faire consists of a *very* tight corset.  The other day. I 
decided to do a little test to see if I could still wear the outfit.  I 
deliberately ran the tubing inside the corset, under the steel plating, 
clipping it to the neckline of my shirt, and laced it as tight as I could.  
Didn't have one problem all day.

My uncle, who started with a 508 and now has a Paradigm, did a test like 
that and wrapped the tubing into his belt buckle.  He didn't have any 
problems with "No Delivery" alarms either.

Apparently, the tubing can take a lot more twists, turns and pressure that I 

Weird Jenn
email @ redacted

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