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Re: [IP] Re: dr bernsteins diet

Yes, Jim this is indeed a big problem, and one that even occurs with 
supposedly objective studies.  There was an article in the current 
Forecast about  a new treatment for diabetic foot ulcers, L.A.M. 
Ulcer matrix, http://www.lampharma.com/.   Their website has a 
scientific "study" done in animals at the Univ of Miami (paid for by 
the company) that supports how good the new cream is (at $55/tube, 4 
tube minimum).
   Well of course they found it worked best, but you might appreciate 
the following, which is the last line of the paper verbatim:
   "In the present protocol if additional animals were performed and 
the same trend in healing was seen, statistical difference among 
treatments would be obtained."
   So who needs statisticians any more?  :-)

<<<<<<     I don't want to start or participate in a diet war, but I 
have to respond
here as it is typical of Bernstein's book, and just about every other diet
     This falls into the category of testimonial, not research.  One of the red
flags everyone should look for when evaluating diet programs, and every
other bit of popular scientific writing is how much do the conclusions being
promoted rely on testimonials.  Good research is carefully conducted so that
the participant, and often the researcher, does not know which program is
being used (blind or double blind).  Further, a great deal of effort is put
into controlling for everything that could cloud the outcome - known as
confounders.  Bernstein does *NONE* of this, but relies wholly on
testimonial and his own personal experience.
Jim Handsfield>>>>>>.
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