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"Kay" and "diabetic teacher":
I am glad we are getting some dialogue on this subject.  The thing is, I
never intended to be introduced as this student's "special" nurse in the
classroom.  I will be introduced as the teachers helper.  The fact that I
have diabetes and an insulin pump will enable me to help this student
without drawing much attention to him/her.  There was never an intention to
"single him/her out".  As I stated in my earlier e-mail, the school nurse
has 2 other schools and is only on this campus 2 days a week.  The health
aid does not want to deal with pumps and it is my understanding that insulin
can only be administered by a licensed person.  The teachers don't want to
deal with it either, as they can't take the time out from the whole class to
address one student's needs.  Our school district got funding through the
Health Services Department.  There is a Special Education Dept., but
apparently this situation didn't fall under their jurisdiction.  So, if the
teacher and the health aid don't want to handle it and the school nurse is
only there 2 days a week, what would you do?  A child who just turned 5
would have some difficulty figuring out boluses and corrections.  And who is
assessing him/her for highs and lows?
Kathy R
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> [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #557Great school news

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> email @ redacted wrote:
I would feel very strongly that a diabetic
> >child should not have his own nurse at school and for field trips.
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