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[IP] Nurses, Aaaarg!

and be willing to learn....

Last year, both our Endo and our CDE was getting very upset with this
nurses refusal to accept/follow their orders.     The nurse just kept faxing
the orders back asking for clarification (of what was already clear)  or
a different order that would be to her liking.

This went on for weeks.    They finally reached a point of ignoring her
voice mails-----they'd had enough harrassment.   (They also knew that I
was always reachable for them and that I'd contact them myself if there
was an actual health problem.)

They are still so aggravated with her insolence that they are just waiting
for the first altercation from her and plan on paying her a visit (and
district administration to attend).  They are also waiting (I requested them
to wait and see) to send in their Diabetes Psychologist to meet with them to
educate them on the mental anguish they put my son through last year.


Barbara A. Petzoldt - Pump Mama to Zachary (12),  Dx 2/93, 508 2/02.
Nurses are under tremendous pressure to get orders correct aand not make
mistakes. When I was in practice i would write oprders for my patients, go
home, start to eat and be interrupted by a phone call about something I had
written, usually a stupid qwestion, I would be annoyed but having a
significant other who was a nurse I never said anything. Anything that is
not crystal clear will be questioned: such as1 or 2 tablets at hs prn sleep.
meaning give the tablets at the hour of sleep as required for sleep.   I
would get a phone call is that 1 or 2 tablets, the pharmacy cant take that
order. I would say if she goes to sleep with one don't give 2, if she does
not, give 2. Bad Order, you have to be specific. Enough to drive you crazy.
A. L. Bender, M. D.

email @ redacted
 It's tough being a nurse, you are always in the middle.
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