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Re: [IP] sooooo mad

I can relate to your story about your sister being mad about so many aspects 
of diabetes.  My wife gets mad sometimes when I get lows.  She helps me out 
though.  When you mentioned eating or drinking something that may not belong 
to you it reminded me of a time when I was at work and got really low and ate 
someone else's stuff.  It is very hard for people to understand what it is 
like to have serious lows.  I have had a lot of them over the years but now 
with the pump it is a little better.  Not perfect because I still get them 
but because I test more it is under better control.  I used to do a bolus, 
eat and then check in about an hour.  If I was still high I would do another 
bolus.  This led to passing out at work so wait for at least 2-3 hours for 
all the humolog to work or it could build up.  I hate all the crap I have to 
do to deal with diabetes.  
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