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Re: [IP] sensitivity training

In a message dated 8/23/02 6:51:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> ."  I think she had good 
> intentions, but boy did she sound ignorant.  Lucky for me, I am pretty 
> thick 
> skinned when it comes to insensitive, ignorant diabetes comments.  As has 
> been my practice lately, I gave a quick 60 second education course about 
> diabetes.  I'm thinking I have to cut it to 30 seconds because as usual, I 
> was tuned out at about 15 seconds.  

    Boy do we hear you....Melissa saw a new gynecologist yesterday & the 
doctor asked when she was dx'd (age 9) & how long she'd been on 
insulin...Melissa said she wanted to say "isn't that one & the same"??...the 
doc then proceeded to look up everything in the PDR & told Melissa she 
shouldn't even take Advil for cramps because it can affect her 
kidneys...finally Melissa said to her "well if you read the PDR long enough, 
you'd find that everything is contraindicated for diabetics" - to which the 
doc & the med school student with her said nothing! Pretty sad that at age 
19, my daughter is already so cynical about doctors. Since her CDE in NYC is 
young, female, had diabetes in college & is on a Paradigm too, she's realized 
that the CDE is generally a more credible resource. I don't expect docs to 
know it all, but I'd be happy for once to hear someone say "boy you seem to 
know a lot about this, tell me more" instead of pretending to know more than 
the well-apprised patient who lives with the condition 24/7.
Renee (pump mom to Melissa)
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