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Re: [IP] Maximum rise of one gram of carb/glucose

Hersch, when I surveyed the IP list last year, I obtained data on the 
carb/insulin ratio vs body size from almost 100 pumpers.  The 
equation was:
carb/insulin ratio = 29 - 0.086(body wt in lbs).   So small kids are 
up around 25.  Now you just need to know their carb/BG ratio and 

<<<<<<<I was wondering what would be the maximum one gram of glucose 
would raise ones
blood sugar.  I need this info for an article I'm writing.  I remember seeing
someone writing that for their young child one gram of glucose would raise bg
by 10 points, it looks to me that for young children this may hold true.  Any
info?  Rabbi Hirsch Meisels<>>>>>>>>
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