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[IP] Scare Tactics


I agree with the general consensus that in most cases
scare tactics are not successful in motivating a
diabetic to take better care of him/herself.

I did have an experience about 3 years ago that did
wake me up, though.  I went to a funeral for someone I
had never met.  She was a very close friend of a new
friend of mine, and I mainly went there to support my
friend.  I knew this gal had been a diabetic.  She was
blind and had kidney problems.  My understanding is
that she died of kidney failure.

The thing that really woke me up was when I sat down
and read the program that was handed to me.  She had
my EXACT birthday - day and year.  

I knew nothing about how her care had been.  I knew
she was not a pumper.  But I can get complacent about
being diabetic.  I admire those of you who spend so
much time and energy on getting your control just
right.  I do think the shock of that experience was
somewhat motivating to me to make sure I keep on
keeping on with the best control I can.

In general, most of my motivation over my 38 years as
a diabetic has been to just feel good today.  That's
what made me put myself on MDI WELL before it was
popular (1969).  I just hated the feeling that
long-acting insulin gave me.  I remember over and over
having people say to me 'Wow, you must have a really
bad case if you have to shoot yourself so many times
in one day!'  That always irritated me.  It was my
choice, and I felt much better doing that.  Going on
the pump around 15 years ago was the same thing.  I
just wanted to feel better today.

As I have gotten older, I will say I am very grateful
that I have no complications at all.  I don't take
credit for that.  I think I am in the 'good genes'
group.  My A1Cs are usually somewhere in the 6.x
The other thing I have learned, and I think most of
you on this list agree, is that no doctor can control
my life.  I love my doctor, and I believe he has my
best interest in mind when I see him.  But if he wants
me to do something that I don't agree with, I just
don't do it!  (Doesn't happen often, but it has

Well, sorry this has become so rambling.  I do
appreciate this group so much.  Very interesting and


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