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Re: [IP] sensitivity training

Jenny wrote:

>She then went on to say at the very least I should have severe 
>complications by now. Imagine her shock to find out that I have no 
>complications. (I know there is a bit of luck there.) She then became 
>"floored" that I had two healthy children. She said "that's basically 
>unheard of. I mean twenty years ago when you were diagnosed, most people 
>just died."

Hmmmm wonder what she'd say if she'd met me... dx'd nearly 40 years ago 
with no serious complications (just a bit of frozen shoulder).  I think 
it's more than just luck that protects some of us, it's our genes too.  I'm 
participating in the GoKind Kidney study which is trying to find out of 
there is a genetic protection for some people for kidney complications.  It 
will be interesting when that study is completed, to see if there is 
something in our DNA which does offer us some protection.  I would think 
that would also help explain why some of us seem to do well with no 
complications while others, no matter how hard they try, have difficulties.

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