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Re: Nurse competency was Re: [IP] First week of school & @#$#$#@^%#@ Nur

Sylvia said: I'm confused here so any RNs out there please help me out!!!!!!
I was always
> taught that RNs were to follow MD orders unless they felt that those orders
> would put a patient into a life jeopardy type of situation

Sylvia, you may or may not remember me as we have met in person several years
back.. in fact I was the one who introduced you to the pump at Diabetic Camp..
anyhow, I have been a "lurker" on this list for some time but felt I needed to
speak up on this one..

As an RN and a Diabetic let me try and add some new light to your situation
with Josh.  I know you have his best interests at heart and I am sure the
school nurse is trying to do the same.. One thing I DO NOT see you stating is
that you know that the nurse has SEVERAL other children with special needs
(whether they are diabetic or not) and therefore she may have MANY schedules
to try and adapt to please many parents. It would be a totally different
situation if this was a 1 on 1 but from my understanding it is not.  I think
there needs to be some understanding and realization that your child is not
the only one needing to be seen by the school nurse.

Have you tried talking to the nurse yourself instead of complaining here on
the list?  Since its not likely she reads these posts you might get farther if
you tried talking to her and working out some sort of "plan" that she can
agree to.  Also Josh should be able to stand up for himself and say "hey I
need to do this"

I am NOT a school nurse so I cant speak to the specifics of what they have to
deal, but I DO work in pediatrics and know what it is like to deal with a lot
of parents all wanting the best for their kids..

All I ask is that you try and see things from her perspective....

thanks for listening.. I will get off my soap box now...

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