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[IP] sensitivity training

Oh, I think so many of the doctors still need sensitivity training and lots 
of diabetes education.  I went to the dermatologist yesterday.  Since she is 
in a practice at a big teaching hospital in Boston, a resident came in to 
examine me first.  When she  (the resident) found out that I had Type 1 for 
20 years, she went on to congratulate me because I was still alive.  She then 
went on to say at the very least I should have severe complications by now.  
Imagine her shock to find out that I have no complications. (I know there is 
a bit of luck there.)   She then became "floored" that I had two healthy 
children.  She said "that's basically unheard of.  I mean twenty years ago 
when you were diagnosed, most people just died."  I think she had good 
intentions, but boy did she sound ignorant.  Lucky for me, I am pretty thick 
skinned when it comes to insensitive, ignorant diabetes comments.  As has 
been my practice lately, I gave a quick 60 second education course about 
diabetes.  I'm thinking I have to cut it to 30 seconds because as usual, I 
was tuned out at about 15 seconds.  Just what are they teaching in med school 
these days?
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