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Re: [IP] Pardon your French?

In a message dated 8/22/2002 5:26:10 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> it's kinda like parrots.  you can get them to speak, but they don't know
> what it means

I have to speak up here :)  As Mom to two parrots among a multitude of 
cockatiels, I have to honestly say that parrots are certainly capable of 
understanding the human vocabulary! I have two that use words only in context 
(i.e. saying aw sh**  when all other attempts to get our attention has failed 
or when dropping a prized treat on the floor,  piecing together sentences 
from different phrases that we use that make sense not only in the words but 
in the context used (sentences that we have not ever said), saying birdies 
want out-waiting a few minutes and if cages haven't been opened- saying 
birdies REALLY want out!, and many many other examples.  Not to mention Alex 
the African grey who has been studied for 20+ years and can tell you not only 
what color something is, but which item doesn't belong in a group or what it 
is that makes a group of items similar (i.e., shape, color, all items soft or 
hard, etc.) and not only can tell you that what he is eating is corn- but 
whether it is soft corn or hard corn, what shape something is, etc., etc.

Just thought I'd enlighten everyone to the myth of that phrase, something 
that someone who has never spent a lot of time with members of the psitticine 
family of birds would have no way to know!  

Yes, I am a dedicated Parrot Mom!  heehee!

aka Mouse
whose parrot kids check their plates against hers before they will eat!  
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